Different Causes of Strange Smell in Your Sandy Springs House

When there is an unpleasant smell inside your Sandy Springs house, there may be a more serious problem aside from the suffocating stench. It is recommended to investigate the problem to determine the source of the odor as soon as it is possible. If the smell seems to linger regardless of how many bottle of air freshener you used, you may need to act quickly to avoid the situation from getting worse.

List of Possible Causes of Bad Odor inside Your Georgia House

In order to make it easier for you to investigate the source of the nauseating smell, we compiled a list of the possible cause of the stench. We will also provide you some quick solution to end your problem at once.

Dead Animal

If your Georgia house smells like a cat litter or an animal waste, then it is highly likely that you are suffering from a wildlife infestation. You will need to immediately deal with the root cause of the problem or it will lead to a dead animal issue in the future. There are instances that the creature will die in the inconspicuous areas of the house such as our duct and plumbing system. It is not that uncommon to find a dead rodent in the air handler and the duct work. In case you think there is a dead animal, then it is highly possible that it is the source of the scent. You may need to call the professionals to extract the creature from the obscure area of the house.

Mold Growth

If there is a leak on your Sandy Springs plumbing system, it may not only lead to water damages that require costly repairs, this may also encourage mold growth. A simple leak can also invite the pests and nuisance creatures since this is a possible water source. The area of your house with elevated moisture should be well-ventilated to prevent the mold and mildew growth. Another excellent way to eliminate the mold in your house is through humidification. Simply connect it to your HVAC that will ensure that the proper level of humidity will be maintained.  

Gas Leak

There are times when your house will smell like rotten egg and will immediately dissipate. However, if the scent is too persistent, then this may be an indication that there is a gas leak or there is an issue with your plumbing system. Depending upon the source of the problem, it can require a simple fix or a complex solution. If the scent will be overbearing once you open the hot water, then the issue might be here. Check the anode rod since it is probably time to replace it. If the smell of the rotten egg will give a hint of a chemical, be sure to ask a technician to immediately inspect the house.

Usually, the case of the strange smell in your Sandy Springs house will be a dead animal trapped in the obscure areas of the house. In order to get rid of them, hire the service of the wildlife removal specialist.

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