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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Sandy Springs! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Sandy Springs, GA. Speed is important when it comes to animal removal, as it can often take some time before the signs of an animal infestation become visible, and the longer they are present the more damage they can cause. We aim to get one of our technicians to you within 24 hours, and can often arrange a same day appointment so that your situation can be resolved as soon as possible. Our telephone team can take your call 24/7, and they can also give you advice and suggestions on what you can do, as well as offering a rough estimate of the cost of dealing with your problem professionally. We have been voted the #1 animal removal service in the state over the last 3 years, and you can see the host of 5-star reviews we have on sites like Facebook and Yelp. Our technician will carry out a thorough examination of the property to understand exactly where the animals are active and how they move about your property. We also offer a full sanitization service, as we know having wildlife active in your home can raise fears about disease transmission, so we can fully clean and disinfect the property to keep your family safe. Call us now at 470-480-5036 for your Sandy Springs wildlife control needs.

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Sandy Springs Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Threats of Georgia Foxes to Humans: Will They Attack Us?

Usually, the Sandy Springs fox will be timid during daytime. They prefer not to be in place with human activity. There is also a little chance that we will encounter them due to their nocturnal habit which reduce the dangers that they pose against human. They will normally prey on birds and smaller mammals. They will also eat mollusks, crab, fish, earthworms, insects, eggs, birds, and frogs. Generally, they will be scared to approach human and any animals that are larger than them. 

Will Georgia Foxes Attack Humans?

Fox are carnivores but has a tendency to eat a variety of meals, not only meat products. They will collect berries and vegetables. Their diet is one of the reasons why they managed to survive in different environment such as urban areas. When they are sharing the community with humans, they will collect food scraps and leftovers in our garbage bin. They will do this at night when the streets will be empty.

Reports on Sandy Springs Fox Attacks on Human

There are recorded reports on Georgia fox attacks towards humans. Most of the attacks will happen during the night. Perhaps the most renowned case of fox attack would be the case of the twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis. This happened when the fox entered the open door that eventually explored the different parts of their house. According to the reports, the injuries that the twins have incurred are actually one of the most serious cases of fox attack on humans. You will be surprised to know that this is not isolated since there also other instances when the fox has attacked twins. Attacks such as this can happen when there is an open door that enables the fox to enter the house.

Protecting Your Family against Fox

In order to avoid this from happening, you need to make sure that they will stay away from your Georgia property. You will need to determine the things that are attracting them. There may be vegetables and berries that are attracting their interest. Installing fences or barriers in your yard will limit the possibility that they will establish their den within your premises. Usually, once you create loud sounds and disturb them, they will immediately leave your property. You should also make sure that your doors will be locked at night that will guarantee your safety against curious foxes.

For those who have smaller kids, it is appropriate to remain cautious on the presence of Sandy Springs fox. Based on the study, the population of the fox on urban communities makes it possible for them to be encountered by the humans. Fox will also pose threat to your pets. While they will mostly choose to prey on rats, voles, birds, and other smaller mammals, they may also end up in a conflict with our pets. Avoid leaving the pet food outside at night and bring your pets indoors. You should also be careful on the bites of the fox since they are possible carrier of the rabies virus. Call professional assistance as soon as you notice their presence in your yard.