Ways to Get Rid of the Flying Squirrels in Your Sandy Springs Attic Today!

Perhaps you already know how to deal with a Sandy Springs ground or grey squirrel infestation. However, things will be a bit complicated if you have a flying squirrel invasion. Some people try to use repellents. Sadly, this will not deliver a long-term solution. The best way to keep them out of your attic is to seal all the possible entry points. 

A Quick Guide on Removing the Flying Squirrels from Your Attic

In this article, we will discuss some of the best methods that you can use to keep your Georgia attic free from flying squirrel. Hopefully, you will be able to determine the right thing to do the next time that you encounter this furry creature in your home.


When excluding the Sandy Springs flying squirrels, you will need to seal off your attic. All holes that are wide enough to be used as an access point should be blocked. For instance, you can place a cap or a wire mesh on your chimney. Wire mesh should also be used in covering your vents. You will have to seal all the holes except for one where you will install the exclusion funnel. When installing the device, the narrow edge should be positioned on the outside. To encourage them in using the exclusion device, you should place bait close to the narrow end of the device. Apple slices and peanuts would be the excellent choice.


If you do not have a full-blown Georgia flying squirrel infestation, then you can use a live trap. Be sure to set it in the hidden and safe space in your attic. The flying squirrels will likely interact with the trap that is not in the open area. Different traps require different methods to set-up. Be sure to follow the instruction of the manufacturer to increase the success of capturing the furry animal. Remember that the efficacy of your trap will be determined by its placement and bait. Seeds, nuts, fruits, and peanut butter will capture the interest of the flying squirrel. After capturing them, you will have to release them to a new location only if it is allowed under the local regulation. You should also check your squirrel to make sure that there are no baby flying squirrels left.


As we mentioned above, repellents will only lead to a short-term solution. Rather than using a Georgia ultrasonic repellent, you should play a radio in your attic. The sound does not have to be loud; it should only be enough for the sound to be audible. Turn the radio to the talk station. Squirrels hate to be in the place with signs of human activity which will likely encourage them to leave the attic. Avoid using mothballs and ammonia since it comes with adverse effect on our health.

In case none of the methods in this article work, you should let the Sandy Springs wildlife removal specialist deal with them. They have knowledge in dealing with different wildlife animals and they can also ensure that you will not experience recurring infestation.

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