Why Do Georgia Mice Chew on Wires? Steps You Can Take to Prevent it From Happening!

The Sandy Springs rats have incisors that are continuously growing. In order to control its growth, they will have to chew tough materials. These materials can wear down the teeth of the mice. This may include plastics, papers, woods, and the insulation of the wires. This may cause poor supply of electricity and electrical outage. In case they chew the wires of your alarm, the security mechanism of your house will not work properly. 

Why Mice Love to Chew Wires

The incisor of the Georgia mice is comparable to a chisel. They can easily penetrate the insulation of the wires and expose the live coppers. Once the wires have been exposed, this may cause accidental fire and electrocution. 

Reasons Why Mice Chew Wires

When you have Sandy Springs mice infestation, it is not that uncommon to find your electrical wirings with bite and scratch marks. While it is easy to find the culprit of the bruising, there are still people who will find it hard to determine the cause of the damage. Mice will normally chew things due to their nutritional content, but with regards to the electrical wires, things will be different. The materials used in manufacturing the wire do not have value in terms of nutrition. The sharp teeth of the mice will be used in different ways. They need it tough in order to easily gnaw the strong materials. Apart from wearing the teeth of the mice, they can also use the insulation in building their nest.

Preventing the Georgia Mice from Chewing the Wires

Based on the study, rodents such as mice do not have the capacity to control the growth of mice. The growth of their teeth will happen at a quick rate if they do not chew tough materials. Unfortunately, the habit of the mice can also cause different damages. In order to deter this behavior, there are some things that you can do.

Bury the Wires in Concrete

There are not a lot of Georgia animals that can chew the tough concrete materials. This is why it is an excellent option to bury the wires into the concrete. This process should start during the construction of your house while the mortars are still wet. Simply position the wires in a specific section and then seal it with a thin amount of mortar.

Steel Covers

Mice do not have the ability to chew steel plate. Sealing their entry points with steel plate will keep them outside of our Sandy Springs house and control the possible damages that they can cause. You may also use steel pipes where you can insert the wires and bury deep in the ground. 

You can also use a plastic pipe but it will not be as resistant as the steel pipes. Be sure that the plastic pipe that you will use is free from damages that the mice will target to compromise the quality of the material. You can also seek the help of the expert to ensure that your wires will remain in their pristine condition and free from the chew and bite marks of the mice. 

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